About Me

Hello world!!!

My name is Dayna also known as Dayloustyles, Danish, Dee. I have a lot of nicknames. I honestly will respond to just about any of these names. I think the name of my brand is quite obvious though. As I’m typing this I’m blasting the serene and unique voice of my sister girl SZA! (OBSESSED WITH HER) But yessss, welcome to my blog/portfolio lovely people.

I am an aspiring editorial stylist/e-commerce stylist/entrepreneur on the journey to success. I live to create. This blog serves as a creative medium where I get to express myself, share my passions in life with everyone, and hopefully inspire people along the way through fashion tips or whatever inspiration you obtain from it.

Creating to me is so important. I’m my happiest when I’m creating. I do it all to song writing, drawing, fashion styling, painting, I like to consider myself a visonary. It’s when I come alive the most. I wanted to create a space to also showcase my creative projects such as photoshoots, clients I’ve styled and hopefully some R&B tracks I’m about to slay soon, yes I sing πŸ™‚

What you’ll also find is a place on my blog for all things R&B Music. If anyone knows me they know I’m in love with R&B music. You can blame my momma for never turning off that Earth Wind & Fire, Frankie Beverley and Maze, and Anita Baker on Saturday’s when the house was getting cleaned. I was forced to listen to this as a child, but I’m grateful my mom never shut this music off in the house.

The main thing I want people to get is inspiration and positivity from this platform. Living in such a crazy world, we often find ourselves succumbing to all of these negative forces around us. I refuse to be apart of or contribute to that negative energy. Like Princess Nokia says best, “Don’t you F** with my energy” I commit to radiating positive vibes into the universe.

All in all hope y’all enjoy! Stay tuned for more delicious content!



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