70’s Flashback: Charlie’s Angels

Background History

During the 1970’s people looked to TV shows and movies for fashion influence. The most successful and fashion influential TV series of that time was Charlie’s Angels. Here’s just a little break down of the show. Charlie’s Angels is an American crime drama television series that first aired on September 22, 1976 on ABC. The show aired from September, 22 1976-June 24, 1981, producing 5 seasons and 110 episodes. It follows the adventures of three females working for the Townsend Detective Agency in Los Angeles, California. When the TV series aired, it was seldom for females to be showcased in  male dominated roles on a tv series. Their boss was a mystery man who gave orders through a speaker phone. As most of you know, Charlie’s Angels was re-created into a movie in 2000!

Fashion Influence of Charlie’s Angels

The consistent and fashionable wardrobe of the Angel’s created a lasting impression on everyone who tuned in. There wardrobe was just so chic and bad ass!  It consisted of wide leg jeans, tailored suits with wide lapels, platform shoes, jumpsuits, turtle necks, open necked shirts, form-fitting waistcoats, and high waisted pants. There wardrobe couldn’t get any more 70’s than that! Designers continue to look to Charlie’s Angels for inspiration anytime a 1970’s revival comes around. Designers such as Tommy Hilfiger, and Phoebe Philo are some of the well-known designers who’ve used them as inspiration for their lines. Below you will find some pictures of their fashion influence!









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