Can you dig it?

This look was such a fun and bohemian look!  Rocking off-the shoulder tops and flared printed pants in the 1970’s were just seen as the norm. Everyone wore them! Wearing printed flares and off-the shoulder tops back then is similar to how everyone wears black today. The off-the shoulder look was often worn in forms of dresses and tops. Printed Flares were just easy to wear in the 70’s. They were also super accessible. Printed flares dominated the 1970’s! Fashion in the 1970’s consisted of a lot of color, print, and hints of glam rock. It’s impossible to  talk about 1970 trends without bringing up printed flares.

More on to this ensemble. I felt like the ultimate bohemian goddess in this look. I purchased my off the shoulder top from and it was such a great investment. There is also a bell sleeve silhouette that I just love. I like how the shirt falls on me. At first when you put it on, the fit is more snug on the shoulders, however it adjusts to the form of your body over time. As soon as I saw the pants on the rack in Bloomingdales’s, I knew I had to have them. The printed flares are by Free People, but they can be purchased at for those who are interested! It also comes in a different color. My shoes were not shown in it’s entirety in this ensemble as I’d hope, but they were a very cute chunky heel from Forever 21. I’ve worn these shoes in a previous post on the blog. The key to mastering the modern twist on your 1970’s Style looks is to add some accessories or tops that provide a modern approach to your look. In this ensemble, my modern approach pieces were my sunglasses and my choker. Your modern approach pieces tend to vary depending on the look you’re styling. For every look you style, your modern approach pieces are going to be different. Check out the pictures below! Comment on what you think of this week’s new look! Think of something I failed to mention in this look? Feel free to send me a message or just comment below!

All Photos by : instagram: @Nigerianrebel 




Vs. Now….






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4 thoughts on “Can you dig it?

  1. God i really needed this !!! I bought a flare from Etam few days ago… When i first saw it i had a crush on it, but when at home i couldn’t find the perfect match for this little peace of art !! But now i can. Thank you !


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