Velvet Daydream

Velvet and Denim Skirts in the 1970’s…

Velvet has always been one of those trends that have resurfaced in fashion ever since the early 1800’s. It was no surprise when velvet made a comeback in the 1970’s. Another trend that was popular in the 1970’s were denim skirts, specifically a-line! A lot of the skirts women wore consisted of an A-line silhouette along with a button front. Similar to what I had on.  Women also wore denim a-line skirts of a longer length, while also rocking short mini skirts. Just think of today’s version of a midi skirt! Thats exactly what they were wearing back then in forms of denim, velvet, and other loud eye catching prints.

Velvet Daydream Look

When I come up with names for the looks I curate, I really don’t pull from anywhere specific. I just use whatever name comes to mind first. I love everything about velvet. Velvet is edgy, chic, and you just feel like a bad ass when you’re wearing it! Velvet on to me is a different and unique fabric. The texture of it is just so soft. I love the many different ways you can play with velvet. I find that it’s a very versatile fabric that can be used for any occasion. It’s also trending this Fall 2016 season for those who don’t already stay up to date with trends! With this look, I wanted to achieve that sexy girl next door look.

The top is from a thrift store called Unique. I spoke about this in a previous blog post where I went thrifting and found so many interesting pieces that were 1970’s and boho inspired. What drew me to the top was the loud print and the fact that it was velvet. Surprisingly, it was really comfortable when I tried it on. My jewelry served as the finishing touches to the ensemble. Most of the jewelry I have on is from Forever 21, and my shoes are from Forever 21 also. We can’t forget about the denim skirt! I searched  high and low for a denim skirt that complimented my curves and big derriere . I finally found some success at PacSun. It’s such a comfortable skirt.

Don’t just think you can only rock the denim skirt in the summer/spring months! This denim skirt can easily be paired with a long-sleeve top, some fishnet stockings, and some really cute booties during the fall. Might as well get as much wear out of it as you can. I almost forgot to add, my sunglasses are from aldo 🙂 Below you will find the complete ensemble. Hope you enjoy. Comment below on what you think of this look!! Think there is something I failed to mention about what I am wearing? Please feel free to reach out and ask me in the comments!








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