T-Rexstacy-Marc Bolan

“What is T-Rexstacy and who is it?” I’m sure most of you are asking these questions so I am going to go on and do the honors of answering these questions for you before you make any weird assumptions. “T-Rexstacy”, was a name created by the press that was given to Marc Bolan in 1971 after his performance of “Ride a White Swan”.

Marc Bolan was born Mark Feld on September 30, 1947 in East London. He discovered rock n roll at the age of 9 when he received his very first guitar. He got his start by playing music from the likes of Bob Dylan and Donovan in 1967. In that same year, Mark joined a “protopunk” band called John’s Children. When John’s Children ended, Marc Bolan and the lead drummer of John’s Children created, Tyrannosaurus Rex, which was later shortened to the T-Rex band. Shortly after T-Rex was formed, the band finally rose to fame and success in releasing 3 albums and 4 top charting singles!

As he rose to stardom, his sense of style began to evolve and emerge! The glam rock style officially became his trademark in the early 70’s. He epitomized glam rock style all the way through. At the peak of his career, Bolan rocked top hats, feather boas,  his curly long bob, along with glitter cheeks on stage. He favored a particular wardrobe that included, head turning Biba Blouses, velvet trousers from Kensington Market, the afghan and mary jane button shoes. He preferred the mary jane button shoe over any other style because he claimed his feet were exceptionally small. Rocking the edgiest clothing and storytelling were extremely important to Bolan.

His career ignited a fashion influence that ended in a fatal car crash just 18 months after his song  went Number 2 on the British Charts. His style and music influence continues to inspire people all around the world. If you ever wondered who the pioneer was behind rocking boas and wearing glitter on their face, then look no further, it’s Marc Bolan. Some say he never got the chance to reach his full potential. One thing he did do was leave us with some great fashion and music influence , which has manifested itself within the industry.

Like what you just read? Stay tuned to see which iconic person from the 1970’s I am going to feature for That’s So 70’s Thursday next week!



Girlfriend, Gloria Jones to the left. Didn’t know he was down with the Swirl:)


Vs. Now

Malan Breton’s Fall 2015 Collection
Fall 2016 Beauty Trends, Glitter smeared over the eyelids
Saint Laurent opened his Fall 2016 collection by sending models out with this glitter look!




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