Color me 70’s

Color me 70’s!!  As I am listening to “Junie”, off of Solange’s album, “A Seat at the Table”, I can’t help but think of the serene beats included in the song that immediately take me back to that era of the 70s. Even though I haven’t actually lived during that time period, the sounds of the beats are providing me with a subtle glimpse of what some of the music was like back then; Serene, spacy, groovy, and fly.

This look is filled with a flood of color and I absolutely love it. I decided to incorporate a mix of prints in this look because, why not? For those who keep up with me, I love to be the unique one who comes up with ideas that are considered “to the left”. I always apply this same approach when it comes to styling my outfits. The way you pair a look together goes hand in hand with the mood you’re trying to set. I wanted to achieve a very sexy, chic, groovy, and vivacious look while also adding a hint of elegance. I recently went thrifting a few months ago and I had the time of my life discovering such loud and colorful prints that reminded me of the 70’s. Rocking loud prints in the 70’s were a norm of that time. The Netflix Original series, “The Get Down”, provided me with so much inspiration for this look!  Loud prints were an exciting style to rock because it was not only stylish but it was eye-catching and show-stopping!

Let’s get down to how I paired this look! As I was thrifting I came across a lot of 70’s inspired clothing, but this one top were of the few that were extremely stylish and unique to me. It reminded me of a disco look! I selected a silk looking top with an interesting print that really caught my attention. The texture of the particular top was extremely soft and vibrant looking, so I knew it would be a great piece to an amazing ensemble. The pants I paired with the top were from Forever 21 about a year ago. I wore these same pants in a previous look on the blog where I talked about mixing prints. They’re so comfortable and can be paired with anything. It’s a versatile piece that you can do so much with. Try aiming to get a pair of printed pants that have neutral colors incorporated in it so you can pair it with several different tops and colors. Casual tops that were extremely popular  for women in the 70’s were the ones that included strings that tied together like the one I had on in the picture. Below you can find some pictures of the look I styled! I almost forgot to add. I sported this look with brown chunky heels from Forever 21! A look like this needs elevation because it compliments the flared pants. Would you rock a look like this? Let me know what you think of this look in the comments below!

Solid Goooooooooooold

Top: Unique Thrift Shop

Bottoms: Forever 21 (link in paragraph)

Necklace: Nordstrom

Bracelet: Forever 21



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