Platform Shoes and its Impact!

The history of the platform shoe consists of an extensive timeline! I could dedicate an entire blog post on the history of the platform shoe alone! But we will stick to 1970s and how its impacted fashion today!  Platform shoes date back to about 2,000 years ago when people wanted to make themselves appear more taller. Salvatore Ferragamo is credited for introducing the platform shoe in a modern and stylish form in the 1930’s. His modern approach to the platform is still stylish today! According to an article I read on, historians believe that platform shoes are the longest lived fad in American History.

This trend was the epitome of groovy and cool. The platform shoe began to take the world by storm when magazines such as Seventeen and Vogue started to publish pages with the platform shoes included all across their spreads. This trend became a wardrobe must have for disco lovers. What’s great about the platform shoe is that its so versatile and its the farthest thing from gender-specific. Both men and women were seen rocking  platform shoes. The average platform shoes came in several different shapes and sizes and consisted of their own unique style. Let’s not forget the comfort it provided! Majority of the platform shoes worn consisted of a front platform of about 2 inches in addition to a heel that was measured at about 4-5 inches. I personally find platform shoes extremely comfortable to wear!! I can’t really walk in heels so platforms to me are amazing because it gives me more of a balance.

The high low effect that the standard heel provides is awfully uncomfortable and puts more weight on my toes. It also sucks because after an hour I am ready to come out of heels. Whereas platforms, I can work on set for a photoshoot and shop for 3 clients all in one day with platforms on!  Some of the shoes were made of wood, cork, forms of plastic, and other lucite type materials. The different styles of platforms worn in the 70s are synonymous to styles of platforms we wear and see today! The different styles of platforms include, knee high boots, very glitzy open-toes, strap shoes, closed heels, sandals, including suede! I’ve started to notice the platform trend get re-created with different approaches! There was literally a platform for every occasion. It’s safe to say the platform shoe inspired the different styles of platform shoes that we see today. Leave a comment below on your favorite platform styled shoe!


Back Then……….






Marc Jacobs Fall 2016 Collection radiating 70s vibes
Hand carved wooden platform by Lanvy Nguyen

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