70’s Flashback: Charlie’s Angels

Background History

During the 1970’s people looked to TV shows and movies for fashion influence. The most successful and fashion influential TV series of that time was Charlie’s Angels. Here’s just a little break down of the show. Charlie’s Angels is an American crime drama television series that first aired on September 22, 1976 on ABC. The show aired from September, 22 1976-June 24, 1981, producing 5 seasons and 110 episodes. It follows the adventures of three females working for the Townsend Detective Agency in Los Angeles, California. When the TV series aired, it was seldom for females to be showcased in  male dominated roles on a tv series. Their boss was a mystery man who gave orders through a speaker phone. As most of you know, Charlie’s Angels was re-created into a movie in 2000!

Fashion Influence of Charlie’s Angels

The consistent and fashionable wardrobe of the Angel’s created a lasting impression on everyone who tuned in. There wardrobe was just so chic and bad ass!  It consisted of wide leg jeans, tailored suits with wide lapels, platform shoes, jumpsuits, turtle necks, open necked shirts, form-fitting waistcoats, and high waisted pants. There wardrobe couldn’t get any more 70’s than that! Designers continue to look to Charlie’s Angels for inspiration anytime a 1970’s revival comes around. Designers such as Tommy Hilfiger, and Phoebe Philo are some of the well-known designers who’ve used them as inspiration for their lines. Below you will find some pictures of their fashion influence!









Reed, Paula. Fifty Fashion Looks That Changed the 1970s. N.p.: n.p., n.d. Print.


Can you dig it?

This look was such a fun and bohemian look!  Rocking off-the shoulder tops and flared printed pants in the 1970’s were just seen as the norm. Everyone wore them! Wearing printed flares and off-the shoulder tops back then is similar to how everyone wears black today. The off-the shoulder look was often worn in forms of dresses and tops. Printed Flares were just easy to wear in the 70’s. They were also super accessible. Printed flares dominated the 1970’s! Fashion in the 1970’s consisted of a lot of color, print, and hints of glam rock. It’s impossible to  talk about 1970 trends without bringing up printed flares.

More on to this ensemble. I felt like the ultimate bohemian goddess in this look. I purchased my off the shoulder top from boohoo.com and it was such a great investment. There is also a bell sleeve silhouette that I just love. I like how the shirt falls on me. At first when you put it on, the fit is more snug on the shoulders, however it adjusts to the form of your body over time. As soon as I saw the pants on the rack in Bloomingdales’s, I knew I had to have them. The printed flares are by Free People, but they can be purchased at Bloomingdales.com for those who are interested! It also comes in a different color. My shoes were not shown in it’s entirety in this ensemble as I’d hope, but they were a very cute chunky heel from Forever 21. I’ve worn these shoes in a previous post on the blog. The key to mastering the modern twist on your 1970’s Style looks is to add some accessories or tops that provide a modern approach to your look. In this ensemble, my modern approach pieces were my sunglasses and my choker. Your modern approach pieces tend to vary depending on the look you’re styling. For every look you style, your modern approach pieces are going to be different. Check out the pictures below! Comment on what you think of this week’s new look! Think of something I failed to mention in this look? Feel free to send me a message or just comment below!

All Photos by : instagram: @Nigerianrebel 




Vs. Now….





Velvet Daydream

Velvet and Denim Skirts in the 1970’s…

Velvet has always been one of those trends that have resurfaced in fashion ever since the early 1800’s. It was no surprise when velvet made a comeback in the 1970’s. Another trend that was popular in the 1970’s were denim skirts, specifically a-line! A lot of the skirts women wore consisted of an A-line silhouette along with a button front. Similar to what I had on.  Women also wore denim a-line skirts of a longer length, while also rocking short mini skirts. Just think of today’s version of a midi skirt! Thats exactly what they were wearing back then in forms of denim, velvet, and other loud eye catching prints.

Velvet Daydream Look

When I come up with names for the looks I curate, I really don’t pull from anywhere specific. I just use whatever name comes to mind first. I love everything about velvet. Velvet is edgy, chic, and you just feel like a bad ass when you’re wearing it! Velvet on to me is a different and unique fabric. The texture of it is just so soft. I love the many different ways you can play with velvet. I find that it’s a very versatile fabric that can be used for any occasion. It’s also trending this Fall 2016 season for those who don’t already stay up to date with trends! With this look, I wanted to achieve that sexy girl next door look.

The top is from a thrift store called Unique. I spoke about this in a previous blog post where I went thrifting and found so many interesting pieces that were 1970’s and boho inspired. What drew me to the top was the loud print and the fact that it was velvet. Surprisingly, it was really comfortable when I tried it on. My jewelry served as the finishing touches to the ensemble. Most of the jewelry I have on is from Forever 21, and my shoes are from Forever 21 also. We can’t forget about the denim skirt! I searched  high and low for a denim skirt that complimented my curves and big derriere . I finally found some success at PacSun. It’s such a comfortable skirt.

Don’t just think you can only rock the denim skirt in the summer/spring months! This denim skirt can easily be paired with a long-sleeve top, some fishnet stockings, and some really cute booties during the fall. Might as well get as much wear out of it as you can. I almost forgot to add, my sunglasses are from aldo 🙂 Below you will find the complete ensemble. Hope you enjoy. Comment below on what you think of this look!! Think there is something I failed to mention about what I am wearing? Please feel free to reach out and ask me in the comments!







T-Rexstacy-Marc Bolan

“What is T-Rexstacy and who is it?” I’m sure most of you are asking these questions so I am going to go on and do the honors of answering these questions for you before you make any weird assumptions. “T-Rexstacy”, was a name created by the press that was given to Marc Bolan in 1971 after his performance of “Ride a White Swan”.

Marc Bolan was born Mark Feld on September 30, 1947 in East London. He discovered rock n roll at the age of 9 when he received his very first guitar. He got his start by playing music from the likes of Bob Dylan and Donovan in 1967. In that same year, Mark joined a “protopunk” band called John’s Children. When John’s Children ended, Marc Bolan and the lead drummer of John’s Children created, Tyrannosaurus Rex, which was later shortened to the T-Rex band. Shortly after T-Rex was formed, the band finally rose to fame and success in releasing 3 albums and 4 top charting singles!

As he rose to stardom, his sense of style began to evolve and emerge! The glam rock style officially became his trademark in the early 70’s. He epitomized glam rock style all the way through. At the peak of his career, Bolan rocked top hats, feather boas,  his curly long bob, along with glitter cheeks on stage. He favored a particular wardrobe that included, head turning Biba Blouses, velvet trousers from Kensington Market, the afghan and mary jane button shoes. He preferred the mary jane button shoe over any other style because he claimed his feet were exceptionally small. Rocking the edgiest clothing and storytelling were extremely important to Bolan.

His career ignited a fashion influence that ended in a fatal car crash just 18 months after his song  went Number 2 on the British Charts. His style and music influence continues to inspire people all around the world. If you ever wondered who the pioneer was behind rocking boas and wearing glitter on their face, then look no further, it’s Marc Bolan. Some say he never got the chance to reach his full potential. One thing he did do was leave us with some great fashion and music influence , which has manifested itself within the industry.

Like what you just read? Stay tuned to see which iconic person from the 1970’s I am going to feature for That’s So 70’s Thursday next week!



Girlfriend, Gloria Jones to the left. Didn’t know he was down with the Swirl:)


Vs. Now

Malan Breton’s Fall 2015 Collection
Fall 2016 Beauty Trends, Glitter smeared over the eyelids
Saint Laurent opened his Fall 2016 collection by sending models out with this glitter look!




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Color me 70’s

Color me 70’s!!  As I am listening to “Junie”, off of Solange’s album, “A Seat at the Table”, I can’t help but think of the serene beats included in the song that immediately take me back to that era of the 70s. Even though I haven’t actually lived during that time period, the sounds of the beats are providing me with a subtle glimpse of what some of the music was like back then; Serene, spacy, groovy, and fly.

This look is filled with a flood of color and I absolutely love it. I decided to incorporate a mix of prints in this look because, why not? For those who keep up with me, I love to be the unique one who comes up with ideas that are considered “to the left”. I always apply this same approach when it comes to styling my outfits. The way you pair a look together goes hand in hand with the mood you’re trying to set. I wanted to achieve a very sexy, chic, groovy, and vivacious look while also adding a hint of elegance. I recently went thrifting a few months ago and I had the time of my life discovering such loud and colorful prints that reminded me of the 70’s. Rocking loud prints in the 70’s were a norm of that time. The Netflix Original series, “The Get Down”, provided me with so much inspiration for this look!  Loud prints were an exciting style to rock because it was not only stylish but it was eye-catching and show-stopping!

Let’s get down to how I paired this look! As I was thrifting I came across a lot of 70’s inspired clothing, but this one top were of the few that were extremely stylish and unique to me. It reminded me of a disco look! I selected a silk looking top with an interesting print that really caught my attention. The texture of the particular top was extremely soft and vibrant looking, so I knew it would be a great piece to an amazing ensemble. The pants I paired with the top were from Forever 21 about a year ago. I wore these same pants in a previous look on the blog where I talked about mixing prints. They’re so comfortable and can be paired with anything. It’s a versatile piece that you can do so much with. Try aiming to get a pair of printed pants that have neutral colors incorporated in it so you can pair it with several different tops and colors. Casual tops that were extremely popular  for women in the 70’s were the ones that included strings that tied together like the one I had on in the picture. Below you can find some pictures of the look I styled! I almost forgot to add. I sported this look with brown chunky heels from Forever 21! A look like this needs elevation because it compliments the flared pants. Would you rock a look like this? Let me know what you think of this look in the comments below!

Solid Goooooooooooold

Top: Unique Thrift Shop

Bottoms: Forever 21 (link in paragraph)

Necklace: Nordstrom

Bracelet: Forever 21


Platform Shoes and its Impact!

The history of the platform shoe consists of an extensive timeline! I could dedicate an entire blog post on the history of the platform shoe alone! But we will stick to 1970s and how its impacted fashion today!  Platform shoes date back to about 2,000 years ago when people wanted to make themselves appear more taller. Salvatore Ferragamo is credited for introducing the platform shoe in a modern and stylish form in the 1930’s. His modern approach to the platform is still stylish today! According to an article I read on classic70s.com, historians believe that platform shoes are the longest lived fad in American History.

This trend was the epitome of groovy and cool. The platform shoe began to take the world by storm when magazines such as Seventeen and Vogue started to publish pages with the platform shoes included all across their spreads. This trend became a wardrobe must have for disco lovers. What’s great about the platform shoe is that its so versatile and its the farthest thing from gender-specific. Both men and women were seen rocking  platform shoes. The average platform shoes came in several different shapes and sizes and consisted of their own unique style. Let’s not forget the comfort it provided! Majority of the platform shoes worn consisted of a front platform of about 2 inches in addition to a heel that was measured at about 4-5 inches. I personally find platform shoes extremely comfortable to wear!! I can’t really walk in heels so platforms to me are amazing because it gives me more of a balance.

The high low effect that the standard heel provides is awfully uncomfortable and puts more weight on my toes. It also sucks because after an hour I am ready to come out of heels. Whereas platforms, I can work on set for a photoshoot and shop for 3 clients all in one day with platforms on!  Some of the shoes were made of wood, cork, forms of plastic, and other lucite type materials. The different styles of platforms worn in the 70s are synonymous to styles of platforms we wear and see today! The different styles of platforms include, knee high boots, very glitzy open-toes, strap shoes, closed heels, sandals, including suede! I’ve started to notice the platform trend get re-created with different approaches! There was literally a platform for every occasion. It’s safe to say the platform shoe inspired the different styles of platform shoes that we see today. Leave a comment below on your favorite platform styled shoe!


Back Then……….






Marc Jacobs Fall 2016 Collection radiating 70s vibes
Hand carved wooden platform by Lanvy Nguyen

“It’s the Sooooooooouuul Train!”

The 70’s was the ultimate time to be alive! I would be remiss not to  discuss the impact Soul Train had on popular music and fashion.  The hit television Series , Soul Train entered the homes of several African-American families and many other families across the country.  The television series opened doors for African-Americans to have equal opportunity across television airwaves for popular culture and music. Americans got a chance to see what pop culture and entertainment was like from the African-American perspective. People also got the chance to see the latest fashion trends and musicians in R&B every week! Soul train served as a huge launching pad for some of the pioneers of soul-Smokey Robinson, Barry White, Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, and The Isley Brothers, just to name a few. The shows host and originator was the well-known Don Cornelius (1936-2012).

He was the epitome of cool with his unprecedented swagger, smooth talking, and dapper suits. The show officially launched in Chicago, where every week, Cornelius showcased and interviewed the latest R&B acts and introduced dance numbers by the show’s own, “Soul Train Gang”. The performances took place on a club set stage copied by concerts all over the world. There were two main features of the Soul Train series that they continued to carry on throughout the show all the way out to the last season in 2006. Those features included “Soul Train Scramble”, and the famous, “Soul Train Line”. For anyone who has watched Soul Train knows exactly what I am talking about. Soul Train scramble was a game  that required individuals to unscramble and reveal the episodes performer, or a notable person in African-American History. While my favorite, the soul train line, is when lines are formed side by side, and people walk down the catwalk grooving out to the latest dance moves of that era. The soul train line served as concert and a fashion runway combined! People relied on Soul Train to keep them updated with the latest fashion trends! The soul train line is something that is deep rooted within the African-American community. Soul Train lines are typically performed at large family social gatherings such as cookouts, baby showers, birthday parties, and or any other type of celebration where music, food, and family is involved. It’s a great way to bring people together. Every time I think of the Soul Train Line, I think of Kool & The Gang, and Earth Wind & Fire! If you’ve never heard of these iconic bands then go ask your parents.

Cornelius became an icon of the generation, and it helped that he was just the Godfather of everything cool! Soul Train was such a huge promotional platform for up and coming artists. Musicians lined up to appear on Soul Train. It was guaranteed to bring lots of recognition and increase sales astronomically! On February 1, 2012 the day of Don Cornelius’s death fans gathered in Times Square to honor him by busting out in a soul train line that lasted for an entire hour after getting broken up by the police. Cornelius was no doubt a force to be reckoned with in the entertainment industry and served as an icon for generations!  What did you think of this week’s That’s So 70’s trend? Leave a comment below!




Style Icon: Ali Macgraw

For those who are wondering who on earth Ali Macgraw is. Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered in this article. Ali McGraw was born on April 1, 1938 in Pound Ridge, NY to an Irish-American father and a Jewish mother. Growing up she was constantly surrounded by the arts and artistic people. Both of her parents were artist. From a very young age she new she wanted to work in the arts. At the age off 22, she became the assistant for Diane Vreeland at Harper’s Bazaar, and she was also a stylist at Vogue. She literally had my dream job! 🙂 She happened to be working on set one day and a photographer approached her and asked her if she modeled. The rest is history from there. But more importantly, what makes her such a style icon? Ali Macgraw stared as Jenny Cavalier, in a film called, “Love Story”, where she had an impeccable wardrobe. Her wardrobe included stellar camel wrap coats, striped rugby scarves, satchel bags and knitted beanie hats. Every girl wanted her look in the 70s. Her style was among the greats of her time. Designers such as Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger described her look as the perfect and clean cut “American Girl”. Many designers today refer to Ali Macgraw to draw inspirations for their collections. Ali Macgraw is also known for pioneering the less is more look. Some of the well-known people she has been compared today include super model Kendall Jenner. Her look is timeless and it will never go out of style. Take a look below to see more pictures of Ali Macgraw and her timeless look.




The Halter

Hey peeps! It’s been a while since I posted but don’t fret! I’ve got another look I’m sure you’ll love. Back in the 70s, everyone was seen wearing Halter tops. Halston was one of the designers known for there Halter pieces. Halters ranged from jumpsuits, dresses, and tops! You had several different type of halter pieces to choose from! Which to me is just exciting because you can always switch the halter style up at any time.  The most popular halter dress in history was worn by the stylish and daring Marilyn Monroe. Surprisingly, Halter tops slowly started to go out of style after the 70s, however many woman continued to wear halter tops for beach wear, and other  summer occasions. The halter top finally made a huge comeback during the mid 90s when superstars like Britney Spears were seen sporting the trend like it was 1975! As you can see, the halter is a pretty ancient trend! The halter consists of a long history that dates back to the 1920s! Now that I’ve got some history behind the halter out the way, lets divulge into the look 70s inspired look I styled 🙂

I did not want this look to engulf the 70s from top to bottom. I more so wanted to achieve a look that included hints of the 70s. I paired my striped halter top w/my favorite ripped denim boyfriend jeans (that are now shorts) to provide a modern approach. I kept it  bare with the accessories. I did not want my accessories to over power the essence of the look I wanted to achieve. The shoes were a easy throw on. Those shoes from Just Fab are just my favorite go to! I love it. My wild, curly hair gives it that extra pizazz, along with my melanin 🙂 Hope you all enjoy my look. A special thank you for my photographer over at Rebellious Visions! I appreciate your handwork and dedication, it has not gone un noticed! Below you will find pictures of the trend back in the day and the halter trends you even see now!

Get my Look:

Top-Forever 21

Bottoms-Forever 21

Hair- Freetress Water Wave 🙂 heehee (if you wear crochet braids you’ll get this reference)

Wedges: Just Fab

Comment below on what you all think of this look:)

marilyn monroe

halter top Britney
Britney Spears, circa 1999